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Scientists are invited to send contributions in line with the topics of the conference. Abstracts should be in English and contain original research results; commercial and promotional material will not be accepted. At least one of the authors is expected to register to the conference. All abstracts will be peer reviewed by an international scientific board that will decide whether presenting them as a poster or an oral contribution.

Selected peer-review papers will be considered for publication in monographs and special issues of international journals.

Instructions for Abstract preparation

The official language of the Workshop is English.
For each abstract to be published it is required one different author registered to the Congress.
The paper should be contained in one page 17x24cm and should be structured as follows:
Software: Microsoft Word, file extension saved in .doc or .rtf - Please name the file with the last name of the presenting author (i.e. Smith.doc)
Page format: 17x24cm
Margins: left 1,85 cm; right 1,85 cm; top 3,2 cm; bottom 3,2 cm
Font style: Title times New Roman 14 pt, authors times New Roman 8 pt, participants' affiliation times New Roman 7,5 pt, text times New Roman 9 pt, "References" times New Roman 10 pt itaics, bibliography (references) times New Roman 7,5 pt. Text should be fully justified and title centred. Lines should be 1.5.

Tables and figures: pictures and diagrams should be reproduced in grey scale and easily legible for photografic reproduction.
Abbreviations: to be used only for common terms. For uncommon terms the abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word.
Please, ensure that all links are removed prior to send your abstract. Abstracts will be reproduced in the Congress book with this style.

Congress abstract topics
Your file should contain your topic among the following:
♦ Dynamics of genomes
♦ Dynamics of pattern recognition
♦ Dynamics of biological networks
♦ Dynamics of genetic variation

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Organizing Institutions

YES Meet BMTL Workshop Headquarters: Organizing Secretariat: YES Meet - Via S. Nicola, 4 - Sorrento [NA] - Italia P.IVA 05876631218
Phone: +39 081 8770604 - Fax: +39 081 8770258 - E-mail:

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